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Cirque X


Never Say Never

I well remember that day a heavy parcel arriving years ago.

Johnboy was our very first monster toy. Even already enjoying my pussy to get streched and fisted I was speechless thinking it would never ever be possible that this colossal rubbercock will fit my pussy.

So the monster remained sitting in some corner for years. I gazed with that arousing sustained phantasie to be filled by that nice and fat glance one day - but even horny as hell I never managed to bring it in my pussy…  Luckily Johnboy is made from rubber so he just kept calm patiently waiting my pussy to be ready.

Time went by, my pussy got loose…  

Than, one of those horny days: The enormous glance overcame the resistance and slipped inside.

It could not be true but I made it! I impaled myself on that unreal huge rubberdick - my body was shivering and trembling with pleasure. It was mind-blowing! After that the sensation and sight of my Pussy was… Tremendous: I was left with wide gaping and open hanging cunt!

From this time forward Johnboy became a regularly source of joy.

As I love to be exposed and to share my fetish I hope you enjoy to see how much my truly greedy Pussy transforms in a cavernous prolapsing pink hole.

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